Philipp Hess Associates

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Integrated Services

Integrated Services Development

Integrated Services Implementation

Manufacturing Strategy Development

Developing a manufacturing strategy requires careful consideration of “everything” that can impact the size of facilities and required capacity output over time. We enable you to plan, develop, evaluate and implement a modern and cost effective manufacturing strategy (e.g. during PHA’s SmartFactory Workshop).

Mergers & Acqusition

Due Dilligence / Operating Partner / Post Merger Integration

Start-up Services

Due Diligence on Development and Manufacturing Technology.

Project-Management as Owner’s Agent

We act as Owner's Agent/Project Representative during major facility and manufacturing development projects. We are part of your team.

General Planning / Integrated Design Services

As General Planner we assume responsibility as your single point of contact for with the engineering team.

Practical Supply Chain

We improve global supply systems through well-established operational methodologies. We provide timely help for urgent corporate supply chain issues.

CDMO Selection

We select the right contract manufacturing organizations in line with the manufacturing strategy.